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Give a meal: Helping food shelves at the grocery store

By Dianne Davis Kenning, SNAP-Ed educator

When visiting a local grocery, I noticed store pre-packed bags that could be purchased by the shopper and then donated to the local food shelf. Great idea, but the pre-packed bags did not contain the healthiest foods. So I thought, “we can do better than this,'' and brought the idea of creating healthier donation bags to the Food Shelf Nudging Team comprised of SNAP-Ed educators and Kelly Kunkel, an Extension educator.

Severe weather: Are you prepared?

By Sara Croymans, Extension Educator, Family Resiliency

Have you heard the Minnesota saying, “If you don’t like the weather just wait an hour?” How true is this?! From snow and ice storms, to flooding and tornadoes, to drought and wildfires, Minnesota has its share of natural disasters. And, the challenging thing is that the timing of these events oftentimes overlap.

AnswerLine: Answering consumer questions for over 40 years

By Jessica Barnes, communications specialist

AnswerLine offers information and resources for consumers with home and family questions in Minnesota and other states in the Midwest. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach staffs and manages this program. They are the welcoming 'front door' to Extension.