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Grab a cup and join in on December 14

Emily Becher, research associate

Cup of coffee with foam art on a table with a spoon and coffee beans.

The next Coffee with Coffey is December 14 at 10 a.m. Based on feedback from the last session, we are keeping with the current format of having members of the leadership team respond to previously submitted questions. After the webinar, a survey will be sent out and you can anonymously provide feedback and submit questions and suggestions for future Coffee with Coffey sessions.

Things to remember:
  1. The goal of this time is for everyone to feel more engaged and connected. Remember those engagement survey results? This is part of an effort to address the need that data showed us for greater connection in Family Development. To that point, please make attending or reviewing the webinar a priority. We encourage everyone to use their video and to un-mute and participate. This is your time to connect with leadership and each other!
  2. When you review the agenda, you will see there is a time for updates on any new projects or work you want to let your colleagues know about. Take some time before the webinar to think about anything you want to share with us and we really hope to hear you chime in. 
Coffee with Coffey agenda December 14, 2018
  • 10-10:05 welcome.
  • Introduce format, invite people to use their camera and unmute as needed.
  • 10:10-10:20: Words from Trish about leadership transition.
  • 10:20-10:30: Updates from anyone about any new projects or grants getting started with a name to contact for further information. Open to everyone-please come prepared to share!
  • 10:30-10:50: Questions for leadership submitted through anonymous survey (Note some questions can be answered, while others will be answered in the future):
    • Will Trish’s current position be filled?
    • What is the status of other positions that are currently open (Hannah, Ruth, Ryan, Renee, etc.)
    • Will there be formal opportunities for staff to have input on FD strategic planning? If so, how?
    • Updates on federal and state elections and if there is anything that we should be aware of
    • Update and description about the HN conference in 2019
    • Some people have heard there will be an FD wide staff gathering in 2019, is that true? Updates on this?
    • How do you see the SNAP-Ed position evolving over the next 5 years? Are you interested in SNAP-Ed developing a revenue-generating opportunity to increase sustainability aside from ICPD/Medicare?
    • In Cornell's statement regarding Brian Wansink's misconduct, one of the items listed was failure to document and preserve research data. That got me thinking, how long does research data need to be kept? Can paper consent forms be scanned and filed or do I need to keep the paper copies? Where does it need to be filed? I seem to recall at one time we were suppose to send all data to campus but am not sure if that is correct. If so, exactly what data is needed? Any other guidelines I should be following to preserve data?
    • Any current trends being seen as having an impact on our work moving forward? This was posed as a question to leaders but I think this could also be a group conversation if people are willing to share. Or we could just ask leaders to respond-thoughts?
  • 10:50-11am: Questions, comments, final thoughts.

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