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New Developmental Parenting Highway online course is now available

By Ellie McCann, Extension educator, Becky Hagen Jokela, Extension educator, Kelly Kunkel, Extension educator, Kate Welshons, online learning specialist, Mary Jo Katras, program leader

Join author and researcher Jean Illsley Clarke, parent educator Lisa Krause, and a multidisciplinary team of University of Minnesota Extension educators in an exploration of dealing with overindulgence or any parenting problem by using the Developmental Parenting Highway. In parenting, like driving a car, it is better to stay in the center of the road, off the shoulders and out of the ditch. This class will teach parents, or professionals working with parents, about the four positive aspects of middle-of-the-road “driving” on the developmental parenting highway. Participants will also learn strategies for preventing overindulgence as children grow and develop.

Learn more about what this course covers at

Family running through the woods with words overlaid "How do you prevent overindulgence as your children grow and develop?"

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