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FR team piloting curriculum on understanding health insurance costs

By Mary Jo Katras, program leader in family resiliency

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A team of 10 Family Resiliency (FR) educators is partnering with two universities to pilot a workshop on health insurance costs. The workshop, Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs, is one of the modules in the Smart Use health insurance curriculum offered through FR.

The FR team has partnered with University of Maryland Extension and University of Delaware Extension since 2013 to pilot and use their Smart Choice and Smart Use curricula. The curricula provide education and resources to help increase health insurance literacy. “Health insurance literacy” refers to knowledge about making health insurance choices.

A teachable moment

Smart Choice and Smart Use are research- and theory-based, consumer-tested curricula. They apply to both current health insurance consumers and those who are newly eligible through the Affordable Care Act. This gives Extension a teachable moment as consumers turn their attention to health insurance decisions.

The Smart Use Health Insurance: Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs workshop will cover the following topics:
  • Why do I need to understand and estimate health care costs?
  • What kind of costs are there?
  • What documents provide information that will help me estimate health care costs?
  • How do I estimate my health care costs?
  • Webinar, workshops planned
As part of the pilot, the Family Resiliency team will host a consumer webinar on March 28 and in-person workshops to selected groups through late April. The workshops will be offered again in the fall during the health insurance open enrollment period.

If you or family and friends are interested in participating in the March 28 webinar, learn more and register here.
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