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Fresh Starts for Fall

By Sharon Mulé, Staff Development Coordinator

At the beginning of September, I found myself standing in an empty room in my home. My daughter Chelsea and her cat Gryffin had moved out into a place of their own. Now I had an extra space to design. I contemplated many opportunities. What color could this room be? Could the furniture be rearranged? Could it be for guests, for me, for my 8-year-old grandson? (OK, for sure for my grandson.)

Left: Gryffin, my breakfast buddy. Right: My daughter Chelsea, my grandson Ethan, and I had a blast watching the eclipse.

It was a chance for a fresh start.

September is a time of fresh starts too. It’s the start of a new school year, the start of a new season, and like many starts, we have opportunities right here at the University of Minnesota.

We are launching this fall with several opportunities for all of Family Development to learn and reflect. Here’s a few you won’t want to miss:
We have some additional opportunities in collaboration with Extension Professional Development and the University. Join Security Analyst Jenny Blaine on Tuesday, October 17 to learn how to protect your online presence (U of M Extension login required). Or join me as a learner in the Equity and Diversity Certificate Program — it’s free of charge and open to faculty, staff, and alumni of all campuses of the University of Minnesota.

Whether you are in greater Minnesota or in the metro area, there are abundant opportunities to connect with your community and with nature. If you are in the metro area, you may want to head out to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for a Healthy Living Through Nature class, stop by Walter Library before October 13 for the Why Treaties Matter exhibit, or get social and stop by UROC’s Community Day on Thursday, October 5.

And remember your physical health! The University has updated their Wellbeing Program. Earn points by participating in the Wellbeing Program to earn a substantial savings on your UPlan premiums, or find your own low-key ways to bring balance to your life. I like to think that all of those visits to the gym or my afternoon walk across the road to Lori’s for coffee count as expanding my mind and improving the space I call my life.

So, what fresh start will you pursue this fall?

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