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Extension Continues Training for School Success Program

By Hannah Jastram Aaberg, Communications Associate

University of Minnesota Extension staff are conducting a second round of training sessions this fall for future facilitators of the Education: Our Best Legacy (EOBL) program. This program was developed by Center for Family Development (FD) staff to help middle-school students get the most out of school. Facilitators deliver EOBL classes to two groups: Latino families and other families considered “hard to reach.” Those families include low-income white families, non-Latino immigrant families, and families of color.

standing Latina teaching four sitting Latinas
Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Extension educator in family resiliency, teaches a class in Spanish to parents.
Photo credit: Gabriela Burk.

The first round of training sessions took place this spring in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education. Fifty facilitators were trained. A fall facilitator training session will be held September 27 in Minneapolis, and a facilitator training session for Spanish-speaking audiences is scheduled for November 8 in Minneapolis.

Training sessions cover the following:
  • The program’s lesson plans.
  • The program goals, research base, and cultural adaptations.
  • Skills and resources needed to facilitate the program.
The EOBL facilitator training is for principals, teachers, home school liaisons, school social workers, counselors, and family and parent educators who serve parents and caregivers of middle school children. Cost is $120 per individual, including the first person enrolling from an organization. The cost for subsequent enrollees from the same organization is $30 each. Get more details and register here:


FD staff members who specialize in family resiliency created the EOBL program to close Minnesota's opportunity gaps in education. The program seeks to strengthen the interaction and partnerships between parents and children, and between parents and schools. EOBL covers topics such as how parents can set clear and reasonable expectations, how parents can establish regular routines, and how to set a good example for their children.

For more information on the development of EOBL, read How We Got Here.

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