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Website Bytes: Scrubbing Harder

By Hannah Jastram Aaberg, Communications Associate and Website Coordinator

Since February 15 of this year, Family Development’s web team has archived 120 web pages and PDFs.

That makes me so happy, you guys.

That process of archival was the second phase of the spring cleaning project I introduced last month: to retire content that had fewer than 100 pageviews and hadn’t been reviewed in the last two years. And with your help, I made what I considered significant progress in that phase.

Now, if you read the Dean's April 6 column in eNews, you know that the stakes have risen. Communicators and website professionals across Extension have kicked off a major project: the renovation of Extension’s entire website. And you know that the first step for communicators and web professionals involves analyzing current content.

To that end, Terri Ebert, web developer in Extension IT, shared with me the inventory of Family Development’s web pages as a Google spreadsheet. It has 1,041 rows and 24 columns.

Three of those 24 columns ask these key questions:
  • Should we keep this content?
  • What audience is this content for?
  • Is this unique to Extension? If not, can it be?
These questions are more complex than my two questions about pageviews and most recent review date. And so in the next few weeks, I may have more complex questions for you.

Heather Lee, FD’s educational resource development and support — and web — manager, and I began posing these more difficult questions to faculty and staff last week. We are encouraged by their prompt and thoughtful responses! We’re on a tight timeline and we’ve got a lot of content to review. We appreciate your cooperation as we work together to create a stronger web presence for all of our website visitors.

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