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Southern Minnesota Food Networks Meet Up

By Anne Dybsetter, Extension Educator — Health & Nutrition

In communities and counties across southern Minnesota, diverse partners have been meeting and acting to increase access to healthy food. Though these groups go by different names, they all include volunteers, organizations, and local champions with common goals focused on food and health.

Five such groups were represented at the Southern Minnesota Food Network Meet-up held on March 31 in St. James. This first-of-its kind gathering provided a forum for members of various networks to learn from each other and compare notes on successes and challenges. Participants highlighted the value of the Minnesota Food Charter to their work and emphasized the importance of partnerships, patience, and a commitment to diversity in order to increase access to healthy foods in their communities.

Groups from Marshall, Mankato, Watonwan County, Martin County, and Faribault County were in attendance. The meet-up was made possible by funding from the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Minnesota, with coordination by University of Minnesota Extension Health and Nutrition.

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