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Website Bytes: Spring Cleaning Edition

By Hannah Jastram Aaberg, Communications Associate and Website Coordinator

Ever since I wrapped up production of a new video about the Green family, I’ve been looking for other projects to keep me occupied. This month, the all-consuming project is spring cleaning FD’s websites — and you’re all invited.

Family Development has 15 websites within the larger Extension website. That comes out to about 1,900 web pages. In 2016, some of those web pages racked up thousands of pageviews. And some of those web page (58 percent, to be precise) were viewed less than 100 times.

My goal is to look at every web page and every PDF owned by Family Development. I want to know how many times a piece of content was viewed or downloaded in 2016 and when it was last reviewed. If it’s a popular page (100+ pageviews) that’s been recently reviewed (within the last two years), I’ll hand out gold stars and move along. If it’s a wallflower that hasn’t been touched by an educator in a while, I’ll take out my nudging stick and poke someone.

For example, the Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence section did rather well in 2016. Here’s a snippet from the website inventory.

With pageviews mostly over 100, I congratulated Ellie McCann, Extension educator in family resiliency and subject matter expert. I then politely asked when she would have time to review the Test of Four web page.

Here’s an example of a web section that wasn’t doing so hot.

No page reached the magical 100 pageview mark. No page had been reviewed in the last three years. I took out my nudging stick, aimed it at Mary Jo Katras, program leader in family resiliency and former content manager, and poked.

“Do we retire this web section or review and promote it in 2017?” I asked?

“Retire!” she responded. I thanked the pages for their service and fired off an email to Ruth Ellis, web production assistant, directing her to put them out to the digital pasture.

So far, I have worked my way through the Live Healthy, Live Well website and made decisions jointly with subject matter experts to retire 60 pages and PDFs. Next on my cleaning list is the Health and Nutrition website.

Questions about the spring cleaning process? Contact me or Heather Lee. Together, we can polish FD’s websites to a high sheen, catching the attention and meeting the needs of our audiences.

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