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Extension Launches New Website for School Success

By Hannah Jastram, Communications Associate

This week, University of Minnesota Extension launched a website focused on children’s success in school.

Visit at

Families, schools, and communities all play an important role in how well children do in school, from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Extension’s new School Success website offers the latest research and easy-to-use tools to support children's learning, for both parents and school staff.

“Strong partnerships between parents and school, and between schools and their communities, are the foundation for our children's success,” said Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Extension educator in family resilience.

The website helps build those strong partnerships by providing resources for both families and professionals. Families can find support in the following three areas:
The resources available to professionals include the following:
School Success is a program of the Extension Center for Family Development. Find out what else Family Development has to offer.
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