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Opening (More) Doors with Higher Education

By Antonio Alba Meraz, Extension Educator — Family Resiliency

This summer, Silvia Alvarez De Davila and I, Extension educators in family resiliency, trained three Extension bilingual educators on the Latino Financial Literacy Team in Open Doors with Higher Education, the Extension program for Latino parents and high school students.

Because of this summer’s training session, more Latino parents, caregivers, and children in Minnesota will be exposed to the benefits of the Open Doors program. I expect that in 2017, we five Open Doors educators together will teach the series to about 100 families.

The Open Doors with Higher Education program is a culturally sensitive series of seven, 2-hour sessions that empower Latino parents to support their children to graduate from high school and attend postsecondary school.
Class sessions cover the following topics:
  • Higher education in the U.S. — information to “open doors with higher education.”
  • Things to consider to promote and monitor positive learning experiences.
  • Walking alongside with your children on their way towards higher education.
  • Financial aid and opportunities to pay for post-secondary education.
  • Identifying careers and other resources to pay for post-secondary education.
  • Learning basic financial concepts to pay for post-secondary education.
  • Planning actions for the future and review.
We are currently piloting the latest version of this program as part of the Partnering for School Success — Children, Youth and Families at Risk (CYFAR) project.

Learn more about the Latino Financial Literacy Program.
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