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Parents Forever™ Courses Earn High Marks from Participants

By Mary Vitcenda, Senior Editor

University of Minnesota Extension’s Parents Forever™ courses have earned high marks from participants, according to the recently released 2015 Parents Forever™ Annual Report. The report summarizes responses to surveys from 2,164 individuals who participated in Parents Forever™ online and in-person courses in 2015.

Visit for the full report.

Parents Forever™ is University of Minnesota Extension’s respected educational program for parents undergoing a family transition of divorce, separation, or custody change. Developed in the 1990s by the Extension Center for Family Development, the Parents Forever™ curriculum reflects the belief that if parents engage in healthy self-care, parent-child relationships, and coparenting relationships, their children will experience more positive outcomes after a divorce, separation or custody change.

The inclusion of parental self-care in the curriculum is a key difference between Parents Forever™ and other parent education courses: Parents Forever™ focuses on the whole family — children and parents.

According to the annual report, nearly 92 percent of Parents Forever™ online course participants who completed a survey in 2015 said they would recommend the course to others, while a substantial majority of in-person course participants completing a survey in 2015 said they would likely take six specific followup actions based on the curriculum. Those actions include identifying their parenting goals, barriers to those goals, and strategies to overcome them. A majority of participants also said they were likely to adjust their parenting practices to meet their children’s needs.

The report also notes that the Parents Forever™ program continues to conduct studies documenting its effectiveness in supporting parents through divorce, separation, or custody change. In addition, the program team continues to develop new and updated versions of both the online and in-person courses.

For a complete summary of the curriculum, professional development, and research happenings for the Parents Forever™ program, visit Parents Forever™ Annual Report.

For the latest information on Parent Forever™ courses, as well as more details about the program, visit the Parents Forever™ website.
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