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Upload Your Work for Posterity and Discoverability

By Emily Becher, Research Associate — Applied Research and Evaluation

The other day, Program Leader Mary Jo Katras and I got to talking (as we do) about how awesome it would be if we had a place to save conference presentation posters and papers from across Extension Center for Family Development. This way, we could have a historical record of what we’ve done and also see the great work our colleagues are doing.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the University of Minnesota Library System already does this!

Librarians. So on top of it.
The University Digital Conservancy (UDC) holds 51,416 open access articles, University documents, dissertations, data sets and more. Not only does the Digital Conservancy provide centralized, searchable access to your work, it also yields higher exposure in web search engines, such as Google and Google Scholar.

Our Extension colleagues are already using the Digital Conservancy. Check out the nearly 5,000 items on the Extension page of the Digital Conservancy.

This is what you get when you search for "parents."
Here’s our request to you: As you go through your busy conference season, upload your finished posters and presentations to this Google Drive folder: FD Publications. Then, the Applied Research and Evaluation Team will upload these files to the library system a few times a year.

Expect some reminders from your supervisors throughout the year to get your projects uploaded so we can all enjoy each other’s work for years to come! If you have any questions, visit About the UDC or send them my way.

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