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SNAP-Ed Community Partners Hit the Ground Running

By Hannah Jastram, Communications Associate

In their first quarter, SNAP-Ed Community Partners have already reached over 16,000 Minnesotans; partnered with approximately 260 organizations around the state; and secured in-kind donations of time, supplies, and equipment, as well as grants, totaling $118,321.

Extension’s SNAP-Education Community Partnership Funding provides funds to 15 local, regional, and statewide agencies in 2016. Partners were chosen to work collaboratively with SNAP-Ed staff to help bring about policy, system, and environmental changes using practical strategies to help break down barriers to healthy eating and active living. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is providing technical assistance to measure the results of the partners’ work.

Among the most significant successes reported in the first quarter are comments by eight partners on building relationships or networks and by another eight who mentioned successful program participation. Here are remarks from SNAP-Ed partners:

“This group has expanded from core members to other partners in the community.”

“The number of [people] that have responded to the availability of technical assistance is very gratifying.”

Partners reported working with audiences already familiar to SNAP-Ed staff, such as Native Americans, African Americans, children, refugees, and immigrants, as well as new and emerging audiences, such as residents of a single neighborhood, coalitions or networks, and children in the care of pediatricians.

For full quarter 1 results as well as a list of partners and their projects, visit SNAP-Ed Community Partnership Funding [archived webpage].

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