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Recruit the Heart, Train the Brain

By Sharon Mulé, Staff Development Coordinator

On Tuesday, July 12, Family Development (FD) will host an all-day workshop with international speaker America Bracho, M.D., founder of the Latino Health Access in Santa Ana, CA.

Dr. Bracho’s world-renowned work with The Promotora Model for health education has inspired and informed the work of many. 

Watch Dr. Bracho on the TEDMED state.

FD’s relationship with Dr. Bracho began last July when a group of staff visited Santa Ana (see Trish Olson’s column Participation Makes the Different). FD leadership then invited Dr. Bracho to speak to the center’s meeting during the 2015 Extension Fall Program Conference (see Karen Shirer’s column Owning the Personal). And now this summer, Dr. Bracho will lead FD staff in an exploration of what is possible when we “recruit the heart and train the brain” as part of the 2016 Qualey-Skjervold Professional Development Conference.

This year, the conference aims to engage all staff in a deepened understanding of what it is like to live with low resources and how this impacts the work that FD staff does. Throughout the three days of the conference, staff will have an opportunity to hear from local speakers, meet together in small groups to explore what it is like to live with low resources, and connect with each other through thinking about the guiding principles for FD’s work.
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