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Addressing the Human Side of Avian Influenza

By Michael Brott, Communications Manager and Heather Lee, Project Manager

Many of us have seen it first hand. Others have heard in the news. Avian influenza has had a devastating effect in Minnesota. According to University of Minnesota Extension, the economic losses are estimated at $309.9 million. In addition to the broad economic impact, there are short and long term effects to families — the human side of avian influenza. From local layoffs and business closures to increased prices and concerns about poultry food products, avian flu can threaten families and communities' sense of safety and security.

We're happy to announce that FD has partnered with Iowa State University Extension and South Dakota State University Extension Service to develop a new website of resources for individuals and families affected by the avian flu. Visit the website to get familiar with the resources and encourage your partners and community members to do the same: The Human Side of Avian Influenza.

Watch for more information in the coming weeks as Extension Center for Family Development, along with our partners in Iowa and South Dakota, continue to respond to the human side of avian influenza with research-based resources.
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