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CYFC Establishes Advisory Board

By Mary Marczak, Director of  Children, Youth & Family Consortium and Director, Urban Family Development and Evaluation

How does the Children, Youth & Family Consortium (CYFC) become more than what we think is possible? Bring together a group of diverse, interdisciplinary minds with both practice and academic wisdom to inspire and broaden our thinking! This year, 2016, marks over five years since CYFC made a home in University of Minnesota Extension Center for Family Development. Given our team’s renewed vision for growing our work and expanding our reach, we believe it is a perfect time to once again engage a formal advisory board for CYFC.

Visit CYFC Advisory Board to see the pictures and bios of people who said “yes, of course!” when members of our team asked them to serve on the CYFC Advisory Board. The positive responses reminded us of the passion and commitment people have not only for CYFC, but the urgency that has grown around children’s mental health, trauma and stress, as well as health and education disparities. Our advisory board members are an eclectic mix of people with knowledge of a wide range of issues about children and families. These individuals represent community organizations, University departments and centers, and policy and/or clinical practice, and they bring a great amount of lived experiences as parents and/or community members to the board.

CYFC Advisory Board members will generally serve two-year terms, and new members will be added according to a nomination process. Board members will contribute by attending quarterly advisory board meetings, representing CYFC at occasional events, contributing to discussion regarding CYFC current and potential activities, participating in strategic planning, and advising CYFC staff members. We welcome our Advisory Board members and are excited to learn and work with them!

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