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Spectrum of Prevention Training Development Continues

By Anne Dybsetter, Extension Educator — Health and Nutrition

How’s your memory? Do you remember what happened last July, August, and September? In case you missed it or need a refresher, a training series called Exploring our Work with the Spectrum of Prevention was rolled out to Health and Nutrition staff. The series included four online modules with content related to frameworks and language around PSE (policy, systems, environment), the Spectrum of Prevention, systems thinking, engagement, partnering, and assessment.

Screenshot from the "Thinking on a Systems Level" Prezi.

Those of you with particularly astute memories might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t they say something about ‘more to come’?” Fear not! The team that developed the modules has a number of things in store.

  • We are gathering stories. Health and Nutrition staff have responded to the survey about how they have used content or resources from the modules with their community partners. As noted in the survey, team members will follow up with some respondents for more in-depth information.
  • A group of educators — including Laura Bohen, JoDee Christianson, Takayla Lightfield, and Annette Shepardson — is developing a final module to review and tie together the varied content of the series. The module focuses on practical tools and resources to apply what we’ve learned in the communities where we do our work.
  • We are collaborating with colleagues in the Extension Center for Community Vitality, especially Jody Horntvedt, Extension educator in leadership and civic engagement. Together, we plan to incorporate enhanced training components related to leadership and facilitation. As part of this collaboration, discussions are under way about piloting the Exploring our Work materials in Michigan, where SNAP-Ed staff members are also looking for ways to support PSE approaches. Look for more on this later in 2016.
Stay tuned to Family Matters for more on all these activities. Meanwhile, if you have questions or input, please contact me, Anne Dybsetter, at Team members for the ongoing work include FD staff and educators Jamie Bain, Jackie Billhymer, Laura Bohen, JoDee Christianson, Anne Dybsetter, Stephanie Heim, Takayla Lightfield, Laura Perdue, and Annette Shepardson, as well as staff from the Extension Center for Community Vitality and other states serving as advisors and reviewers.

If you have not already participated in the Exploring our Work with the Spectrum of Prevention modules, or if you would like to revisit them or the resources associated with them, you can access all materials at the Exploring our Work Moodle site.

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