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Spectrum of Prevention Article Published

By Trina Adler, Program Leader — Health and Nutrition

The Journal of the National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) recently published an article by Extension educators in Health and Nutrition titled "Strategies Across the Spectrum: Spectrum of Prevention as a Decision-Making Tool in Extension." The authors explored use of the Spectrum of Prevention as an organizing framework for child care-related programming decisions about audience, content, objectives and evaluation, all within a context of limited resources.

Examples of child care work that lies along the Spectrum of Prevention include:
  • Educating professionals and policymakers about how current and potential policies impact the health of young children.
  • Training providers about healthy eating and active living policies for their policy handbooks.
  • Participating in the statewide Child Nutrition and Wellness Advisory Board.
  • Offering trainings for child care providers and providing train-the-trainer materials.
  • Providing community and individual education through social media.
The full article, written by Anne Dybsetter, Mary Schroeder, and Kelly Kunkel, can be found here: The Journal of NEAFCS, Volume 10.

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