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Snow or No, Staff Development Goes On

By Sharon Mulé, (say “mul-lay”) Staff Development Coordinator

On January 6, 2015, I was in Manchester, NH and it was snowing.

I was in New Hampshire to conduct a two-day training for staff from the Manchester Department of Health and Manchester Public Schools. During those two days, the snow kept piling up. The snow piled so high that it took me two days and nine re-bookings to get back to Minnesota!

This year on January 6, I was flying off to Palm Springs, CA to conduct two days of training. This time I had no problems with the flights, and when I returned I not only landed safely in Minnesota, but also landed in a new job as staff development coordinator for Family Development.

These first three months have been full of excitement! I am on the planning team for the Culinary Boot Camp for SNAP-Ed and EFNEP staff, working with the Family Resiliency Team to develop and deliver a training for trainers at Affinity Plus Credit Unions, participating in the Extension Foundations for Success program (sign-in required), completing a train-the-trainer curriculum for the Padres Informados, Jóvenes Preparados program, and participating in the Qualey-Skjervold Professional Development Conference planning.

I have also been doing a lot of listening. Many of you have stopped by to introduce yourself; explained what you do; and invited me to your meetings, trainings, and events. If you haven’t done so yet, I invite you to visit my cube in 475 Coffey Hall or plop a Google Hangout on my calendar. I would love to learn more about you and your work.

All that traveling taught me a lot about people and places. As I learn more about FD’s people and this place called Extension, and as this area of staff development grows in FD, we will work together to map out staff training needs, create a comprehensive plan to better meet those needs, and coordinate a wide range of in-person and online staff development opportunities and tools. I can’t wait to continue this leg of the journey with you (with or without snow).

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