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School Garden Snapshots: Vandyke Elementary

By Jodi Nordlund, SNAP-Ed Educator

Working with schools to start a school garden is one of my favorite parts of my job. So I was excited  to get involved with  garden planning meetings at the Vandyke School Garden program last January. Partners at the table included the school principal, a couple of master gardeners, staff from the Statewide Health Improvement Program, interested community members, a few teachers, and SNAP-Ed staff in the northeast region of Minnesota. We divided up the work according to our strengths and community connections.

Vandyke Elementary students at work.

In a few short months, we had raised beds, paths, and hundreds of plants started from seed by the students. Our young gardeners came from two different summer school programs. Each week, they tended the garden with master gardeners, then spent time with me, learning about nutrition and creating and tasting healthy snacks from the veggies they grew.

Earlier this month, the Jeffers Foundation released a video they produced about the school garden, so you can watch the kids and community partners in action!

To contact with SNAP-Ed staff in your region, click here: To learn more about school gardens, visit our Farm to School website: School Gardens.
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