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Re-Inventing the Future of Minnesota’s Food Systems

This past December, Stephanie Heim, associate program director in health and nutrition, was named to eXtension's i-Three Issue Corps. The Issue Corps is a cohort of Extension professionals from throughout the United States who volunteer to create the next generation of Cooperative Extension System tools and knowledge base for achieving greater impact.

The 2016 Issue Corps is focusing on climate and food systems, making Stephanie a good fit for the initiative because of her work with the Minnesota Food Charter (MFC) Network. The MFC Network includes coalitions, organizations, funders, and individuals in communities across the state working to carry out the 99 food charter strategies. Those strategies involve policy, system, and environmental changes to make access to safe, affordable, healthy food a reality for all Minnesotans.

Stephanie’s acceptance to this year’s i-Three Issue Corps will let her tap into eXtension resources and the expertise of Extension professionals nationwide in order to advance her work to ensure implementation of MFC strategies in Minnesota communities. Her i-Three Issue Corps project involves developing and executing a plan for local, regional, and issue-based networks across the state to connect, learn, and share ideas to effectively carry out the strategies.

Stephanie will continue to work with more than 80 Extension Health and Nutrition staff and educators to implement her project, and she thanks them for voting for her acceptance to this year’s Issue Corps cohort. She expects her work with eXtension to go a long way toward re-inventing Minnesota’s food systems so that everyone will have access to healthy foods.

For more details about this project, see Stephanie's eXtension profile: i-Three Issue Corps Minnesota Food Charter Network.

FD Communications Team

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