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Report Chronicles Collective Action for Healthy Food Access

We, in Health and Nutrition, are delighted to share our final report featuring key activities of statewide food networks. The report includes challenges these networks face and best practices to cultivate collective action to meet those challenges. While this report was developed after interviews with 15 statewide food networks, the opportunities, challenges, and best practices present excellent lessons and considerations for any local or regional network.

One outcome of this research to date is that it has informed the development of the Minnesota Food Charter Network, an emerging statewide food network rooted in Minnesota Food Charter strategies.
The network supports and fosters shared action to create healthy food access for all.

An excerpt from the report.
We would love to hear your reflections and feedback on this report. How might it guide your work? With whom have you shared it?

Noelle Harden and Jamie Bain, Extension Educators, Health and Nutrition
Stephanie Heim, Associate Program Director

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