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Post-Food Access Summit, Part 1

I asked the Health and Nutrition staff who attended last week's Food Access Summit in Duluth to share one quote or idea that stuck with them. This is what they said.
"Justice is what love looks like in public" — Cornell West
It's one of my favorite quotes. Relevant in networking and relevant as we talk about racial disparities in the food system.

Lisa Wong
SNAP-Ed Educator

I like the definition for respect ("look again") that Curtis Ogden gave at the opening address. We often stop "looking" at people and miss important ways of loving each other and accepting each other's differences and this jeopardizes our work and inclusion of those who are different than us.

Elizabeth Quillo
SNAP-Ed Educator 


My takeaway from this Summit builds upon my takeaway from the Family Development [meeting at Fall Program Conference this October]. It was the clear message from America Bracho, MD [in October] that we must slow down, take a step back, and listen to the community. Not rush to solve a perceived problem, or try to identify an issue that fits into our "program area," but become part of that community as full partners rather than the experts.

I heard that same message [at the Summit] when someone, I believe it was Curtis Ogden, spoke of the importance of building trust through telling stories, and LISTENING. He said, "We must be willing to pay people to go into communities and listen."

I think this is the most important step in the Spectrum of Prevention; however, it is difficult to evaluate or report on.

Fay McLain
Program Coordinar, EFNEP

I didn't write the quote down so I'm paraphrasing. But when the opening speaker Curtis Ogden talked about "love" in our work. He talked about love being central in our work. It really stuck with me and I keep thinking about it in my work.

Kam Schroeder
SNAP-Ed Educator  


"Truth-telling keeps people coming back" — Curtis Ogden

Stephanie Heim
Associate Program Director

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