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Alternative Learning in Worthington

By Bonnie Christiansen, SNAP-Ed Regional Coordinator

This October and November, SNAP-Ed Educators Leticia Rodriguez and Conchita Paez-Sievert partnered with Hy-Vee to hold a Cooking Matters™ for Teens class with the Middle Level Alternative Program students from the Worthington Alternative Learning Center.

During the six week course, students traveled to Hy-Vee to learn from a chef and nutrition educators how to make a recipe. Then, they applied their learning, making the recipes themselves — and, of course, eating them.

Lessons focused on making healthy meals and practicing safe cooking.

Check out that safe prep work!
The first week, students cooked a delicious meal of turkey tacos, a healthy alternative to beef tacos, complete with shredded carrots, beans, and tomatoes. The final week, students competed in a cook-off. Students choose a healthy recipe of their own and cooked it for staff members to judge.

In addition to preparing their own meal during the school day, students received a grocery bag with ingredients for the day's recipe to bring home and make the meal for their family.

The pantry pack.
Visit our website for more information about Cooking Matters™ Minnesota and like the Cooking Matters™ Minnesota Facebook page!
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