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Staffing Changes are Underway in FD Admin

Kate Demulling, support staff person for the FD Applied Research and Evaluation Team, has accepted a new position with Hennepin County. Her last day at Family Development will be October 2. At this time, we will not be rehiring for this position. Instead, we will reorganize our existing support staff within FD administration. Here is the new structure effective September 24:

Jeanne Laqua supervises all FD administrative support staff (described below). She is the main source of support for Director of Programs Trish Olson, Director of Urban and Evaluation Mary Marczak, and the current Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Partnering for School Success grant. She works closely with me, her supervisor, to ensure that the whole support system is functioning effectively and efficiently.

Mark Schultz is the primary source of support for Health and Nutrition (H&N) Program Leader Trina Barno, H&N Program Director for Operations Renee Obrecht-Como, H&N Program Director for Special Projects, and Family Resiliency Program Leader Mary Jo Katras. He is also the suite manager for the 436 Coffey Hall office suite.

Rhonda Dragan is transitioning from a graphics design role to an administrative support role. She is the primary source of support for the FD Applied Research and Evaluation Team. This position will include many of the same roles that Kate Demulling filled. We'll be assessing needs and make changes to the position and the system as needed in the upcoming months. Rhonda is also the suite manager for the 495 Coffey Hall office suite.

Julia Gladhill continues as the primary source of support for Associate Dean Karen Shirer, as well as the FD center accountant (see announcement below). She is starting the role as the primary support for the three Extension educators in Children, Youth, & Family Consortium: Sara Langworthy, Cari Michaels, and Judy Myers. Julia is also the suite manager for the 405 Coffey Hall office suite.

These changes affect everyone on our administrative support staff. We appreciate their willingness to adapt to the current needs within the administrative office, and we appreciate the patience of all FD staff in this time of transition.

Heather Lee
Educational Resource Development and Support Manager

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