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Cultural Adaptation of I CAN Prevent Diabetes Underway

By Anne Dybsetter, Extension Educator — Health & Nutrition

Southwest Minnesota's diverse population is home to various food cultures, lifestyles, and family traditions. This year, two Southwest Minnesota communities and Extension Health and Nutrition staff are working together to ensure that a promising program is adapted for the food and lifestyles of Latino and Somali cultures.

I CAN Prevent Diabetes (ICANPD) is a research-based, national program for people with prediabetes. The lifestyle changes practiced in the year-long course can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, with potential for a dramatic positive impact on participants' long-term health. To adapt ICANPD, SNAP-Ed Educators Leticia Rodriguez in Worthington and Abdulahi Dohe in Willmar are working alongside cultural liaisons from their communities, as well as other Extension staff.

The Minnesota Department of Health is partnering to provide funding for the project, which will result in general insights into cultural adaptation processes, as well as adapted ICANPD course materials.

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