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Should We Use Social Media to Reach Our Audience?

By Jessica Barnes, Communications Associate

The question of how to use social media has been difficult for me to answer. Why do we spend time, money, and energy maintaining social media accounts for Family Development? Why should FD staff and educators use their personal accounts for professional use? The answer, I have found, is because we are in the relationship business.

Social media platforms have become important tools for communicating with our partners, community organizations, and families. Maintaining a social media presence shows our community that we are a trustworthy and tech-savvy organization. The ability of partners to easily follow our social media accounts, find our websites, and discover useful resources contributes to our mission to help Minnesota families make informed decisions leading to greater health, resilience, and well-being.

Social media has also become an expected part of an organization’s web presence. We can share information in an economical, efficient, and measurable way that allows us to reach people and organizations around the world, as well as Minnesota. Our Twitter accounts have followers from Canada, Panama, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, and more.

Here are three tips for making the best use of your social media accounts:
  • Commit to 5 minutes of social media time per day — check your Twitter feed, update your Facebook page with an interesting article, or comment on a partner’s post.
  • Use action words like “click,” “download,” and “retweet” in your posts.
  • Use relevant and engaging photos and videos to attract followers.
Read more about how to integrate social media into your communication and marketing plans from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. Questions or comments? Contact me, Jessica Barnes, or Hannah Jastram, Communications Associate.

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