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FD Offers Valuable Resources for ‘Tough Times’

By Heather Lee, Project Manager

As highlighted in earlier Family Matters blog posts and other venues, Family Development has embarked on an exciting tri-state effort with South Dakota and Iowa related to the human side of avian influenza. As part of that effort, we have developed a web page devoted to the “human side” of avian flu. FD websites contain many valuable resources for families experiencing a range of other "tough times," too. Here are examples of our resources for families and the professionals who serve them:

  • Disaster Recovery — Toolkit, videos, and more for anyone who has experienced a natural disaster, including the effects of avian influenza (see following).
  • The Human Side of Avian Influenza — Resources from the tri-state region to help families recover from the recent avian flu outbreak. The site includes a recently added recorded presentation about the impact of the avian flu outbreak in Minnesota, as well as a number of audio clips in English and Spanish.
  • Adjusting to Income Loss — Web resources for those who have experienced a layoff or any type of income loss.
  • Parents Forever™ — Online course, web-based resources, and more for families experiencing transitions like a divorce or separation.
  • Supporting Military Families — Collection of resources for families with one or more parent in active military deployment. The work from the new Family Transitions concentration area team will be linked to this website in the near future.
  • Healthy Children: Talking About Tough Topics — Helps parents talk with their children about school violence and substance abuse.
  • Supporting Farm Families — Collection of resources for families dealing with the many challenges of farming.
  • Dealing with Stress — Online courses and other resources for understanding, coping with, and managing stress.
  • Getting Through Tough Times — Series of web resources by Sharon Danes, professor and family economist with the Department of Family Social Science, that addresses a range of topics related to "tough times." This series is currently being revised and translated into Spanish, and will be integrated into our other web pages in the near future.
As you work with participants, organizations, and others who are either experiencing "tough times" or know others who are, refer them to these helpful resources!

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