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Teen Talk Take and Teach Lessons Just Re-released

By Jodi Dworkin, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist — Department of Family Social Science

I am very excited to announce the re-release of two Teen Talk Take and Teach lessons: Helping Teens Navigate Peer Relationships and Bullying: A Big Problem with Big Consequences.

After distributing more than 500 CDs to professionals and families in more than 34 states, these lessons have been updated and enhanced with more interactive and engaging parent activities. These lessons are now available on the web for your use.

These take and teach lessons have a home on the
Professional Resources section of the Families With Teens website.

All materials needed to facilitate a Teen Talk parent group or parent/teen group are on FD’s Families with Teens website; these include a facilitator’s guide and background, parent handouts and activities, resource lists, suggestions for group facilitation and PowerPoint presentations. These lessons can be facilitated by Extension, school or public health staff, professionals from faith and community based organizations, or parent volunteers.

Here is what parent participants have said about the lessons:
  • This was a very interesting subject and well worth my time.
  • I really think this is great.
  • It was good to see others who share the same situations.
  • I enjoyed the meeting and talking with other parents.
Research updates for professionals on what’s new with teens and their families are available online: What's New with Teens and Their Families?

I would encourage you to use the evaluation form that’s included in the Teen Talk Take and Teach materials and share the data with us. That information will help guide our future program development. For more information, please contact me at 612-624-3732 or
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