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Research Assistant to Adapt Parents Forever™ for Divorcing LGBT Parents

By Emily Becher, Research Fellow

Eugene Hall
Eugene Hall joins FD today as a graduate research assistant with the primary duty of leading the process to adapt the Parents Forever™ curriculum for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents.

Given that gay marriage is now legal in the state of Minnesota, we can expect that LGBT divorces will also occur. If divorcing LGBT parents in Minnesota are contesting custody over minor children, they would be mandated to attend a divorce education course. Without an adapted curriculum, two negative outcomes are possible:

  • Judges would waive the mandate for these parents, and they would experience differential treatment based on their LGBT status, or
  • LGBT parents would be required to attend a course that is not designed for LGBT individuals and families, with most likely diminished positive outcomes from the course.
The team behind Parents Forever™ wanted to invest in an adapted curriculum in order to offset either or both of these potential negative outcomes.

As a first-year Ph.D. student in the department of Family Social Science working with adviser Jenifer McGuire, Ph.D., Eugene will start his work with FD by conducting focus groups and interviews. He will then move to adapting, piloting and evaluating the course, and finally, to disseminating the results of the pilot and the adapted curriculum.

LGBT parents, please contact Eugene Hall at or Jenifer McGuire at Eugene's office will be in 495 Coffey Hall, so if you see him around, please say hello. Welcome to the team, Eugene!
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