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The State of the Center

Trish Olson and I highlighted key achievements and offered other updates on the Center for Family Development at the Qualey-Skjervold Professional Development Conference earlier this month.

Trish gave a quick snapshot of the center’s programming and budget for 2014. She noted these accomplishments from FD’s annual report: 
  • Reached 43,749 people in direct opportunities offered by Family Development, with almost half of adult participants representing racially and ethnically diverse populations.
  • Reached over 313,000 people through our website, publications, and social networking.
  • Published 103 journal articles, evaluation reports, curricula, and other resources.
The center received about $15 million from federal, state, and county sources; grants and contracts; and earned income. SNAP-Ed drew the most funding at $8.4 million, followed by EFNEP at $1 million annually. Other funds included state, earned income, foundation grants, and county grants.

conference group
Day one of the Qualey-Skjervold Conference at the MN Arboretum.

For my part at the Qualey-Skjervold conference, I highlighted the steps taken to address the results of the Employee Engagement Survey conducted in fall 2013. These steps included: 1) dedicating staff to work on communications, training, and curricula development, and 2) strengthening the Family Matters blog as a means of communication with Family Development staff and faculty. I also shared that we would be hiring additional SNAP-Ed Educators in order to better ensure statewide coverage for the program.

Finally, I noted that we will give more attention in the future to deepening our reach in diverse communities, developing supervisors and other leaders, and increasing funding to support our programs.

If you want more details on our conference presentation, download the slides in PDF form here: Family Development Update.

Karen Shirer
Associate Dean

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