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Parents Forever™ Is Everywhere

Kate Welshons, Parents Forever™ Community Program Specialist — Family Resiliency

The past six months were full of exciting developments for the Parents Forever™ program! In fall 2014, we trained 75 facilitators on the revised curriculum that we rolled out on December 15, 2014. New and existing program facilitators attended several Parents Forever™ training sessions.

As a result, our in-person programming continues to grow: We have officially partnered with community organizations and agencies in all 10 judicial districts in Minnesota, and 25 counties throughout Minnesota offer an in-person Parents Forever™ program, as well as one partner in Winnipeg, Canada.

The Parents Forever™ team has also begun using web-based technology to connect with our program facilitators and coordinators. As of this month, we have delivered three professional development webinars that focused on family resiliency, intimate partner violence, and financial management. We plan to offer five more installments this year. The Parents Forever™ team also is convening an online Community of Practice to provide a collaborative platform for Parents Forever™ facilitators and coordinators to share information, exchange ideas, and explore issues related to their work with families.

All in all, we anticipate 2015 will be a great year for the Parents Forever™ program as we continue to expand its reach and impact on parents, families, and children in Minnesota and beyond.

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