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Are You Straining Your Eyes?

By Emily Becher, Research Fellow

Recently while working at my computer in 495 Coffey Hall, I started experiencing some moderate eye strain that became a persistent headache on many days. Given that I have spent years working 9-to-5 on a computer without problems before, I went to get my eyes checked. My vision was the same as always. So I did some research and made three discoveries that have profoundly helped me. Here’s what experts recommend:
  1. Position your laptop and monitor screens so they’re perpendicular to your eyes — not tilted.
  2. Position your chair (as well as laptop and monitors, if possible) so your screens are at eye level or slightly below.
  3. Keep your screens away from the glare of sunlight, which can create additional vision problems.
I tilted my screens so they were flat, boosted my chair, and closed the blinds, and I haven’t had eye strain since. For more tips on reducing strain on your eyes, visit Workstation Discomfort Symptoms and Solutions: Eyes.
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