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Spanning Cultural Difference in Food and Health

By Hannah Jastram, Communications Associate

Extension faculty Craig Hassel, Ph.D., of the Food Science and Nutrition Department will present “Spanning Cultural Difference in Food and Health” at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science’s Seventh Annual Science Studies Symposium this Friday, Feb. 13.

Dr. Hassel will explore examples of University outreach and cross-cultural engagement with older, “non-biomedical” thought systems, such as African, Chinese, and indigenous knowledge traditions in medicine. He also will discuss nutrition science with its legacy built on empirical data, its history of success with deterministic, acute-deficiency disease, and its current struggle with more complex, diet-related chronic disease and concepts of well-being. Dr. Hassel proposes that nutrition as a biomedical science would advance by learning and adapting discourses and thought styles like those used in the humanities and social sciences.

UPDATE (2/20/15): You can watch the presentation on YouTube: Spanning Cultural Differences in Food & Health.
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