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Parents Forever™ Update: Collaborating with Wisconsin and North Dakota

By Emily Becher, Research Fellow

In the first week of February, the Parents Forever™ team in Minnesota held a day-long meeting with partners from the Wisconsin and North Dakota Extension systems. Both states currently teach four-hour versions of the Parents Forever™ curriculum that differ from our eight-hour course in Minnesota.

With our recent revision of the Minnesota curriculum and the drive for more rigorous adherence to the program model and evaluation of outcomes, this meeting was called to see if Wisconsin and North Dakota would partner with us to co-create a shared four-hour version based on the revised curriculum. We are happy to report that both states agreed that a shared version and a joint multi-state evaluation would be of mutual benefit.

Next steps will be finalizing the four-hour version, adapting an online version of the course for both states, and implementing an evaluation plan that allows us to compare the eight-hour version we teach in Minnesota to the four-hour versions taught in North Dakota and Wisconsin. We are excited about the next steps of our Parents Forever™ multi-state Extension partnership.

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