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An Update from Karen Shirer: Life is Good

By Karen Shirer, Associate Dean
It has been some time since I have given you an update on my health. There is very good news to report. After six rounds of chemo and recovery from a broken leg over the last six months, I learned last week that my cancer is in remission. My family and I are very thankful for this great news! We know that many of you have kept me in your thoughts and prayers, and we are deeply appreciative of this.

Depending on all necessary approvals, I will return to work part time later this week. I look forward to returning, and I will use March to ease back into my administrative role as associate dean. Continue to direct questions to Trish Olson as I make this transition; she will include me in conversations as necessary.

Early in my treatments, I often wore tee shirts from the Life is good® series. Many were purchased when on vacation or work trips.
July 1994. From

These shirts reminded me that despite the discomfort of chemotherapy and the recovery from a pathological fracture of my left femur, life was, indeed, very good. The nurses, my oncologists, and many other health care providers I met were kind, competent and very caring. I am so thankful for the experience of getting to know them.

Stay well and take care. I look forward to seeing many of you in April at the Qualey-Skjervold conference.

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