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And the Award Goes to . . .

Trish Olson, Interim Associate Dean

Sunday evening I watched the Golden Globes, in which George Clooney reflected on winners and losers. Addressing his show business colleagues, he said, “Four out of five of you don’t win. Literally 80 percent of the people in this room don’t win. [But] if you are in this room, you’ve caught the brass ring. You get to do what you’ve always dreamed to do and be celebrated for it, and that just, it ain’t losing.”

Well said.

A rider of the Flying Horses Carousel carousel reaches for the brass ring.
In Extension, this is the month we ask you to document what you have done in the past year. Who have you worked with? What difference did it make? Those who won Golden Globes had to put their work “out there” in a very public manner. They had to share what they had done. One nomination, Boyhood, was 12 years in the making. If it wasn’t shared, it could not be reviewed and raised up for discussion, nomination, critique, and compliments.

Same with our work in Extension. What did you do last year? How is Minnesota different because of the investment of your time, talents, knowledge, access to University resources, and community connections? Not only is your reporting used in your annual review, but most important, your work will also be reflected in FD’s annual report to funders, decision makers, current partners, and potential partners. Thank you so much for your work in 2014 and, in turn, reporting about the impact of your work. Echoing George Clooney, I hope you, too, are doing work you always dreamed of and are celebrated for it.
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  1. Great analogy Trish! Just wish you would have included his photo :)
    I look forward to hearing more from Mary in her column.

  2. Thanks for sharing Trish! One of my facebook friends asked "What has George Clooney done to be recognized for a life time achievement award?" (granted Ellie - he is nice to look at!) To apply this to the ECFD analogy ... it makes me think of the importance of our Plans of Work & ensuring that we are doing the right programming that can/does make a difference in the lives of our participants.

    1. Sara Croymans wrote this ... How do I get my name to show up?

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