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MDH Expert in Food Safety to Advise SNAP-Ed Program

We are excited to welcome the skills and talents of Tim Jenkins to FD’s SNAP-Ed program. Tim continues his position as Food Access Coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), but will provide technical assistance and support for SNAP-Ed work in policy, systems and environment (PSE). Tim brings a strong food safety and food access background from his work with MDH and prior position with the city of Minneapolis as Environmental Health District Supervisor; he will look at SNAP-Ed’s PSE work through a food safety lens.

Specifically, Tim will:
  • Conduct regional focus groups with of SNAP-Ed educators and Statewide Health Improvement Program coordinators to better understand the on-the-ground food safety concerns encountered as SNAP-Ed conducts PSE programming.
  • Create an implementation plan that ensures that state, regional, and local regulatory infrastructure maximizes access to healthy and safe food for SNAP-eligible and other low-income populations.
  • Provide training, tools, and resources to FD staff to help us do our SNAP-Ed work to ensure a safe food supply for our participants.

Tim will be contacting primarily Health and Nutrition staff as his work progresses in the coming weeks. Please think about food safety concerns, barriers, and opportunities for change in our SNAP-Ed program and be ready to share your thoughts with him.

Trina Barno, Program Leader — Health and Nutrition Programs

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