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What Does Family Development Tweet About?

In September, I announced the launch of the Family Development Twitter account, @UMNExtFD. This handle (user name) joined three other Family Development Twitter handles. What are they all about? Here's the scoop:

18-65 who live in Minnesota who are responsible for the care of
children and professionals working to improve the lives of children,
youth, and families
Professionals working with families in Minnesota
Researchers, practitioners, and policy makers
Community partners and Health and Nutrition Programs participants

These accounts seek to connect our partners and participants with University and other reputable resources, and to engage on a personal level with our audiences in a format less limited by distance and time.

Do you have an upcoming event, an innovative partnership, or new research that you'd like to share with one of the identified audiences? We'd love to hear about it! Send an email to about sharing the news via Twitter.

Hannah Jastram
Communications Associate

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