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Pinterest for Parent Education

Brianna Routh kindled an interest in Pinterest last summer that continues to burn.

Our former Building Healthy and Strong Families Extension educator started an account on the Pinterest social content discovery and curation website in August 2013. She won an NEAFCS social networking award in 2014 for this FD Pinterest account.

Meanwhile, Brianna approached CYFC Coordinator Sara Langworthy and I about writing an article based on her work. We submitted an "Ideas at Work" manuscript to Journal of Extension (JOE) this July, and received a quick turnaround. The reviewer recommended that the article "be fast tracked for publication -- this is cutting edge and shouldn't have to wait for months to be published!"

Then in August, Brianna broke our hearts by moving to Iowa to continue her education. She passed the Pinterest torch to Communications Associate Jessica Barnes, who now manages the FD account. I also stoked the flames and spearheaded the creation of a poster display for the recent Extension Fall Program Conference.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of seeing our names in print! Pinterest for Parent Education was published in JOE with minor revisions a mere three months after submission.

Visit the FD Pinterest page and tell your colleagues and program participants about it. Send Jessica Barnes an email if you have questions about the account, or you'd like to contribute content to one of the boards. Keep the interest in Pinterest burning bright!

Hannah Jastram
Communications Associate

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