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International Conference on Building Resilience

Just last week, Ellie McCann and Sara Croymans presented at the 4th International Conference on Building Resilience in Manchester, England. In partnership with the community group Red River Resilience, they submitted a paper for the conference titled "One Message, Many Voices: Inter-disciplinary Partnerships for Resilience Communication."

ellie and sara in london1.JPG
From left: Sara Croymans and Ellie McCann
Many other conference presentations were in the context of building resilience after disaster in the economic and physical structure context. Ellie and Sara's unique contribution to the conference was considering resilience from the perspective of social and emotional factors. They were able to connect with researchers from many countries and found the social and emotional factors seemed to reflect needs of those from developing countries.

Thank you Ellie and Sara for representing the Center for Family Development internationally!
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