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See How Women Are Faring Economically in MN

The Legislative Office on the Economic Status of Women recently released a report of listening they conducted across MN earlier this summer. In the cover letter accompanying the report, I found this quote particularly meaningful:

It was striking that the priority women's economic issues were the same in every region. Transportation, affordable and available childcare, need for a skilled labor force, affordable housing, poverty, poverty and isolation of elderly women. Nowhere was a lack of jobs mentioned. Rather, the ability of women (and men) to take advantage of a robust job market was hindered by lack of necessary skills, difficulty in finding affordable and available childcare, and transportation issues.
I strongly encourage all of you to read the report Women's Voices from Around the State (176 K PDF) and consider how the findings inform your work with individuals and families in MN.

Karen Shirer Associate Dean

Pulling Together People, Providers, and Producers

By Annette Shepardson, SNAP-Ed Educator and Hannah Jastram, Communications Associate​ — Health and Nutrition​

There’s a lot going on at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center on a Monday afternoon.

The farmers market in the parking lot is the most visible sign of an interconnected effort to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Low-income clients are able to use their SNAP benefits at the market (the local food pantry is also in the medical center). SNAP-Ed Educator Annette Shepardson teaches cooking and nutrition classes for SNAP clients, where they learn different ways to use produce and get recipe ideas. Doctors, dietitians, nurses, and even social workers refer patients to her classes.