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Restructuring of the Simply Good Eating Program is Underway

Earlier this summer, a task force made recommendations regarding restructuring the 12 Simply Good Eating (SGE) regions to align with the 5 Extension regions.

These are the recommended changes to the Simply Good Eating program that we will be discussing:
  • Program Coordinators (PCs) will continue to supervise Community Nutrition Educators (CNEs). Our goal is that each PC will supervise up to 10 CNEs and give the kind of support that leads to high-quality, impactful programs.
  • We are creating a new position to supervise the PCs. This new role will be a largely administrative and operations role, and will be classed as a Professional Administrative. These new supervisors will manage the programs funded by EFNEP and SNAP Ed. We anticipate putting in place these new supervisors by January 1, 2014. The number of supervisors will be determined by future funding levels.
  • These changes will give Extension educators more time to develop new program efforts and to learn more about Policy-System-Environmental (PSE) approaches across all Health and Nutrition programming. Changes in the SNAP Ed guidance, SHIP 3, and other trends are driving these changes. EEs will no longer provide administrative oversight to SGE work. Instead, they will target their skills and efforts toward broader health and nutrition impacts, of which SGE is part of the spectrum of strategies.
Please reserve the date on your calendars if possible; the webinar will be recorded for later viewing if you are unable to participate when it is presented. More information will be coming your way regarding how to connect with the webinar in the next week.

Karen Shirer
Associate Dean

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