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Farm to School Recipes

If you’re looking for recipes kids are sure to enjoy, you’ve come to the right place.

Select the Right Recipe

Annette Derouin of Willmar Public Schools spent hours reading recipe books and searching the Internet for appropriate recipes that she could “scale up” for foodservice. You can reap the rewards of her efforts and other Minnesota schools by using the quantity and home recipes that are within each of the featured Minnesota farm to school foods [under review]. Annette used the following criteria to identify appropriate farm to school recipes for her district:
  • Supplemental ingredients are items the kitchen normally has on hand.
  • The recipe will work with equipment available; no extra equipment is needed.
  • Staff can handle the time requirements.
  • The cost is within acceptable range.
  • The recipe is likely to be acceptable to students.

Featured Recipes

In addition to the quantity and home recipes available within each of the featured Minnesota farm to school foods [under review], try these farm to school recipes from foodservice directors across the state:
Chicken Chow Mein with Boy Choy (PDF)
Do you have a kid-approved recipe you'd like to share? Send it to

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