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In search of the perfect planner

Trish Olson, associate dean

Happy New Year,

This year, with changes in my work, I was interested in reassessing what was available in the planner market. In essence I was looking for a “perfect planner.” Amazing how if you conduct a search for something in google all of a sudden your feeds on Instagram and Facebook are full of options on this topic, and planners are no exception. To be clear, I was not looking for a calendar.
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Introducing two new SNAP-Ed educators in the Metro

By Janice Rasmussen, regional coordinator 

April Smith is an enrolled member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and legal studies. April has two passions: food/nutrition and working with the Native community. Previously, April worked as a family advocate in the child protection system and an elder advocate. Her proudest achievement is working with The Healing Generations Program in developing a curriculum that was federally funded by the Administration of Native Americans for over $2 million dollar in a five year period. The Healing Generations program focused on Native family values, cultural activities, and language revitalization. April is excited to begin her journey at the University of Minnesota Extension in sharing nutrition education and is extremely excited to be working in the Native community again.

Part 2: A look back at Family Development and to its future

Karen Shirer, associate dean

In my last blog post, I wrote a brief history of my career and a few the lessons I learned over the years as I prepare for retirement. In today’s blog, the focus turns to the Center for Family Development where I highlight significant events and share ideas on how to sustain and grow.

Part 1. Looking back

Karen Shirer, associate dean

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” (Charles Dickens, The Tale of Two Cities, 1859).

These words both capture the place I find myself today and define my work career as I reflect on it. I am finding this in-between time— when I am still working but also fast approaching retirement — a time for looking back and reflecting on the story of my “work” career. I put the word “work” in quotes because like most of us work played a primary role in my growth and development, and is deeply intertwined with other aspects of my life — marriage, children, hobbies and interests, etc.

Guatemala partnership continues to flourish

Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Extension educator

Our work in partnership with University of San Carlos of Guatemala continues as part of our agreement signed in 2016 with the support of Dean Durgan. One of the aims of this partnership is to build the capacity of faculty and students working with families and youth in professional practice before graduation. This practice, called Professional Supervised Exercise (EPS in Spanish), is a mandatory internship for students. EPS is engagement in a community to assess needs, develop projects and partnerships with local organizations to promote wellbeing. The faculty and students do this with support from San Carlos University Extension which has the same mission as our land grant University here in Minnesota.

The students spend one semester in communities in need, and with families and youth that face many challenges and risks from poverty and marginalization. We shared with the faculty the way we work with families and youth. We also talked abou…