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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet the Teams: Web

I got my start with Extension as a contractor, hired in 2012 to update the Health and Nutrition website. Since then, I've joined the Family Development staff as Communications Associate and in that position, I get to touch all FD websites. What's more, an FD web team has coalesced, and last Monday, Feb. 16, we kicked off the second series of training sessions for website content managers.

What Does the Web Team Do and Who's on It?

Simply put, the web team makes Family Development look good online. We accomplish this through the creation and management of FD websites. In conjunction with the communications team, the web team helps program areas and project teams achieve their communication goals. Here's who's on the team:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Update from Karen Shirer

It has been some time since I have given you an update on my health. There is very good news to report. After six rounds of chemo and recovery from a broken leg over the last six months, I learned last week that my cancer is in remission. My family and I are very thankful for this great news! We know that many of you have kept me in your thoughts and prayers, and we are deeply appreciative of this.

Depending on all necessary approvals, I will return to work part time later this week. I look forward to returning, and I will use March to ease back into my administrative role as associate dean. Continue to direct questions to Trish Olson as I make this transition; she will include me in conversations as necessary.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lincoln on Leadership

For some, Presidents’ Day is just a holiday from working, banking, or getting mail. For me, this day offers an opportunity to reflect on leadership. Presidents are elected to their position, but mere election does not make them leaders. As part of a leadership cohort in which I participated, we held a leadership book swap. I received Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the U.S.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Go Out to the Prairie!

This week's guest columnist: Trina Barno.
I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin in a loud and active household with four brothers. My dad was not very tolerant of a lot of chaos in the house, so when the horseplay got to be too much for him, he would command in his booming voice “You kids either knock it off or go out to the prairie!” Considering my Midwest roots and the fact that I lived and breathed the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a child, my dad’s command always conjured positive images of frolicking in grassy fields with rolling hills and butterflies. Although not a Midwest prairie, our grassy backyard served as a good alternative for burning off our excessive energy.

When my dad died, his brothers came to town and spent time with us telling stories of their family growing up in a very poor neighborhood in Chicago. Uncle John told us how my dad and his brothers would be “sent out to the prairie” whenever they got too rambunctious in the house. It turns out that in the inner city of Chicago, a “prairie” was an empty lot between buildings, typically lined with demolition debris, garbage, old car tires, and dead appliances. My brothers and I were surprised to find out that my dad’s vision of “prairie” and our “prairie” were not at all the same.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Expanding Your Teaching Efforts

If you are a faculty member or educator, you are probably a great teacher. Does that mean that you are also a great writer, editor, designer, online course builder, translator, and project manager for big curriculum? Maybe you have expertise in some of these areas, but chances are you could still use a little (or a lot) of help with these tasks. That's where the Educational Resource Development Team comes into the picture.

FD is fortunate to have staff dedicated to helping you develop quality educational resources. While many of the team's members have been doing this work for several years, only recently have they started calling themselves the Educational Resource Development Team. Find out more about this team and how its members can help your educational efforts "pop" in this week's supplemental blog post: Meet the Teams: Educational Resource Development.

Also, if you read last week's blog post on the FD Communications Team, you'll notice some overlap in the efforts of these two teams — they work closely together. Consider these teams your left and right helping hands in developing great educational programs and resources AND ensuring that your educational efforts attract an audience. Learn more about the interaction between these two teams in this week's supplemental post.

Heather Lee, Project Manger

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